The power of SB Thai Spa’s Swedish body massage

The power of SB Thai Spa’s Swedish body massage

Are you new to body massages? If it is your first time getting one, it is best to start with a Swedish massage. It is a mix of various massage techniques that target your soft tissues and muscles, ending in a more relaxed and balanced body and mind. 

Learn the power of SB Thai Spa’s Swedish body massage by reading about its short history, various health benefits and massage procedures below:

How Swedish massage came into existence

Developed in the early 19th century by a Swedish physiologist named Per Henrik Ling, Swedish massage became the foundation of many other types of western massage such as sports massage, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy massage. 

Per Henrik Ling invented a system called ‘Medical Gymnastics’ where a therapist performs specific movements during a massage which has become known as ‘Swedish movements’. It gained popularity in Europe and came to the United States in 1858 where it became simply known as Swedish Massage.

Health benefits you can gain from a Swedish massage

The major benefit you can get from getting a Swedish massage is the relaxation of your muscles due to the enhanced function of your lymph system which works to transport nutrients around your body. So, if you have any muscle aches, you will certainly benefit from SB Thai Spa’s Swedish body massage as it will help you heal faster.

Aside from improving the transport of nutrients through massaging your muscles, a Swedish massage also helps to flush out wastes from your body and increase the elasticity of your body tissues. Due to these benefits, you will be able to use your joints more efficiently without feeling too much pain like before.

In addition, a Swedish massage works well with people who are stressed and worried constantly. The pressure from this massage helps relax your muscles and remove their tension. The lesser the tension of your muscles are, the easier it will be for your mind and body to relax. Thus, a Swedish body massage is great for anyone who is suffering from a stressful period in their life.

What to expect in SB Thai Spa’s Swedish massage

SB Thai Spa’s Swedish massage lasts around one to two hours depending on your preference. Before you lay down on the table, you will pick among the various essential oils and lotions that the spa offers. Your therapist will then assess the current state of your body by asking you about any injuries, allergies or other conditions she should know about.

Strokes and techniques used in SB Thai Spa’s Swedish massage are specific to the particular part of your body since your therapist should take into account your certain conditions and preferences. After an hour or two of SB Thai Spa’s Swedish massage, you will be able to feel more relaxed and energized!