Five self-care practices to improve wellness

Caring for yourself may feel like a luxury but you have to treat it as a responsibility. Nothing should be more important than your health so stop sacrificing your relaxation time and indulge yourself from time to time. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the opportunity to pamper themselves. That’s why you have to focus on these five tips that can help you stay healthy without having to sacrifice time for your other commitments.

Wake up at 5:00 if possible

Most jobs start between 7:00 to 9:00. Waking up at 5:00 should help you prepare to face the rest of the day. You can groom yourself, complete your hygiene routine, prepare and eat a healthy breakfast. Plus, the stomach can have problems digesting food as soon as you wake up. That’s why you need to wait for an hour between standing up from your bed to ingesting any solid food. 

Prioritize having a complete sleep over anything else

SB Thai Spa services are the best for rejuvenation but you need a full sleep to keep your body at full capacity. Doctors will always recommend between 7 or 8 hours of sleep so go to bed as early as 21:00. However, most professions can’t give you the luxury of an early bedtime so you have no choice but to sleep only at 23:00 or later. If that’s the case then move your waking time for later so you can get as much sleep as possible.

Pay attention to your body’s signs of stress

Stress affects people differently just as everyone has different tolerance levels. Likewise, signs of stress can also be different from person to person. Signs can range from migraines to insomnia. Sometimes, a muscle in certain parts of the body aches even if it weren’t exercised or exposed to anything that should make it sore. Loss of focus and depression are also signs of stress. If you start seeing these signs, get yourself checked or take a day off. 

Take time to work out every morning 

One of the best activities you can do during the time between waking up and eating breakfast is working out. Don’t do anything extensive like bench pressing or endurance runs. Complete a few reps of squats, stretches, and pushups. The goal is to keep your blood flowing from all around your body, not to build muscle. Complete your heavy workout in the afternoon so your muscles won’t be sore at work.

Practice cautious eating

You should avoid eating just because you are bored. Such instances may happen when you are just a few steps away from a bag of chips or ingredients for a sandwich. Instead, pay attention to your body and pay attention to urges. If you really are hungry then go ahead and take a bite. Fight the urge if it’s just a whim. You can sit for hours at SB Thai Spa because the massages are relaxing enough to make you forget about food. Such experience is absent at the workplace or at home so be careful.