Dive into the things you should know about deep tissue massage

Dive into the things you should know about deep tissue massage

Relieve the pain caused by stress, injuries, tense muscles and fatigue by getting a deep tissue massage here at SB Thai Spa. Curing various pains, this type of massage therapy has been used by many ancient cultures such as Hindu, Persian and Egyptian. 

Deep tissue massage is perfect for those who do highly physical activities such as exercises. It is also great for people who have chronic pains and injuries. Learn more about the benefits of deep tissue massage by reading this article!

What to expect when you get a deep tissue massage

Many people say that deep tissue massage is just a Swedish massage with harder pressure and deeper strokes, but it is more than that! When you get this type of massage, your therapist will use unique massage methods such as firm and slow strokes to deeply massage the inner layers of your muscle tissues.

Through a deep tissue massage, your scar tissues and muscle adhesions will break up which will relieve the knots that you feel when you have muscle pains. At the start of the massage session, your therapist will use light pressure and then work into deeper strokes later on which will help reduce the swelling that causes the knots and pain in your muscles.

The benefits you can get by getting a deep tissue massage

If you are having some physical indicators of stress such as headaches, shoulder pain and muscle tensions, a deep tissue massage is a great help to relieve those symptoms. This massage increases your oxytocin levels which helps soothe your body. It also aids in the production of serotonin which is a mood booster.

Chronic muscle pains on your neck and back can also be treated with a deep tissue massage as it can loosen the knots of your muscle tissues that cause the pain. Also, people who have just gotten out of surgery can get this type of massage to minimize scar tissues.

In addition, deep tissue massage helps with the labour and delivery of pregnant women. Before labour, this massage is a great way for pregnant mothers to loosen tight muscles as well as reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, research shows that women who received massages before and during their labour had easier and shorter labour and delivery than those who did not.

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